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Business, what is it? What does it take to be in business? What does it take to be successful in business? Do I want to own my own business?

These are questions we are going to answer for you on this website. New Venture Design’s vision is to be a reliable resource where entrepreneurs can start their business and come to for help and advice in the future as their business grows.

June 8, 2007
Launch of New Website

Please explore our new website.

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Normally, business startups may take an entrepreneur years to iron out, with NVD, however, that process usually takes under 45 days.

One of the things we teach our new venture clients is how to make good, fast and decisive business decisions. Please read more about us and our services.

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Business may be defined as one’s regular profession, occupation or trade of their own concern. We here at NVD assist you in ‘wrapping’ your chosen ‘business’ in the right legal & team structure, as well as in the right strategic direction. We believe that true ‘business’ is conducted between two people. One person has a good or service that is of value to another person, and that second person is willing to pay for those goods and services. Like many other subjects in the world, business has been made to seem so complicated, risky, and full of mystery. We are here to tell you that it is really not. We believe in keeping it simple and profitable. To be successful at business, one merely has to set their goals; review and act upon them daily; and treat people as they would like to be treated. That is it.  

What we do here at NVD is assist in the startup and growth phases of the business life cycle. Through our experience of writing business plans and growing over 200 businesses, we can clearly see the bottlenecks that hold new business owners back from being profitable. Out of our clients, over 80% stay in business past the first 5 years because of our proven systems. Believe us, we know we are not experts in your field; you are the expert in your field. We are simply observers who keep an objective eye to the procedures your business. We know that the startup phase of: which legal structure to choose; the writing of the initial business plan; team and vendor development and structure; media creation (corporate identity, business card, website, brochure, letterhead, etc.); location & mailing address; businesses systems (computer, phone, internet service provider, ISP); are all big obstacles when looked at as a whole. The question to ask, however, is, "how do you eat a cow?" One hamburger at a time. The same is true in the startup process. We help you tackle one important task at at time with maximum efficiency and knowledge.